I have retired from official show photographer, but I still do a limited amount of photo shoots and original artwork...

I appreciate you reading this, We had a great run! Terrie

..at this point everything is archived and still available.

Do I have your proofs?  see rider / name lists under each show under ALL SHOWS.

I appreciate greatly your "Look at Proofs" fee.  An up front fee per horse, per show, $34 - GOOD TOWARD AN ACTUAL PURCHASE AND NOT TO LOOK AT MORE PROOFS... When I have your proofs ready, I will email you a coupon number to use at checkout.  Un-used coupon balances will be forwarded toward actual product purchase and NOT FOR MORE LOOKS AT MORE PROOFS. Contact me for re-uploads or assistance.

We were 4 photographers usually....

PLEASE See the Division Examples, where you can see the FEES, see our beautiful work for each division and the horse & rider name list for each show. All riders were photographed. NOT all dressage was captured while XC ran.  Some shows do have all the dressage and display that information.