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To see samples and fees, pick a show under all shows, click on any image then Buy/Select product.

To see proofs - purchase required. You can contact me for an invoice emailed to you or use this site as follows..

1 click ORDER PROOFS UPLOAD (sign in required)

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5 Add to cart "proofs upload 1 horse/rider/show" 

6 view cart, to add any instructions click the orange circled image from your cart

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8 It takes at least 24 hours to upload proofs and up to a week after a large show, a password is emailed to you when they are ready


Phone purchases need to be set on desktop at the bottom.

Having an account saves your credit card, address and favorites information.  Account passwords are not used as passwords to proofs.  Favorites are useful to fill your order from when multiple shows/horses are uploaded to your folder.

For rush delivery of orders within 2 days contact me.  Orders normally ship/email within 2-25 days.  Gallery wraps and special prints up to 42 days.


Find Your Photos - We photograph all horses, but you can verify I have what you are looking for by looking at the name list photos under each show.