Terrie Hatcher Photography & Artwork | USE PERMISSION RELEASE

MIS-USE FINES START AT $250 PER IMAGE. I AM HAPPY TO ACCOMMODATE ALL NEEDS, PLEASE INQUIRE. (sometimes there is no extra charge to add your needed use to the release).  In the interest of keeping fees low : the standard release is for personal use only printing, websites, facebook, instagram, and email.  Sale of horse use is included, the image(s) may be used anywhere but only for the purpose of selling the horse in the image.  No EDITORIAL use in any type of printed material or online sites. No Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Programs, Catalogs, Yearbooks, Newsletters etc..  No use by Breed Organizations, Riding Discipline Organizations, such as Eventing Nation, Chronicle of the Horse, USEA, USEF, AQHA, Bloodhorse etc.. No reproductions use such as artwork or prints for resale. No advertising on personal web pages, sponsor use, non profit use, fund raising use or photo contests etc.. No advertising or promoting of anything except sale of the horse in the image. -For example, no services such as instructors, trainers, stallions, embroidery, boarding farms, shipping etc.. no products, for example tack, feed, artwork, etc, no facilities, for example boarding farms, show facilities, training farms, breeding farms etc..