Terrie Hatcher Photography & Artwork | LOOK FEE REGULAR

LOOK FEE $30 per horse per show -Please CONTACT ME HERE for an invoice emailed to you...


#1 SHOW/EVENT NAME AND DATE (for example Fall TRHP 2018)


#3 WHAT STATE YOU LIVE IN (sales tax)




Proofs can take 30 minutes to a week to be ready depending on the timing of your order. Orders are 1-28 days.  

If it'll be more than a couple days I'll email a guesstimate of "when" as soon as I can, then another with the password and coupon when they're ready.

Coupons are non refundable and can be used toward purchase of products from ANY show, but not toward the look at proofs fee. 

The fee is per horse per show and is how I pay the photographers.  

We capture all horses (not all dressage is captured while XC is running).

Division samples of what we capture on each show are displayed under the ALL SHOWS/EVENTS.  

See a descriptive list of Products and Fees here  

Thanks for choosing us for your photos!!